Hancaiying After Marriage Don’t Faded Out From The Entertainment Husband Support Me

The evening of October 28, 2011 “Fashion COSMO” Beauty Awards ceremony at the Shanghai Centre Theatre, Star gathering. That night, Han Chae Young of the Year Award form the best temperament, and entertainment at the scene of an exclusive interview with Tencent. Turning out the entertainment is married, she immediately shook his head, “No, I like filming, like making films and television shows. And my husband is very good, very supportive of my work.” berend burberrypromo Marriage is not out to support my husband filming entertainment

Han Chae-young 19-year-old debut in pure, approachable girl image to open a way out, then by virtue of the “wealthy maid” in the classic role of shaping the success of “maid” and became popular first-line South Korean actress, Korean fans highly sought after, that night, she temperament of the Year Award was awarded. In recent years, he moved to the Mainland filming of Han Chae Young, Chinese is already quite accomplished, in an interview, some questions can understand and answer in Chinese. In 2007, Han Chae Young and entrepreneurs Cuidong Jun married, starred in the first film is this “huge deal”, “China’s film is thriving, not only is my whole world is concerned about the Chinese film and I hope to have more opportunities to shoot Chinese film, was honored to participate in the filming. “Asked about marriage, the entertainment will not fade, and she immediately shook his head,” No, I like filming, like making films and television shows. and my husband is very good, very supportive of my work. ” bennett burberrypeak Making “huge deal” Blue Lan as handsome good care of my first love

Han Chae Young and Lan Cheng-lung, Andy Hui, Chapman News at 19:33 on November 1, 2011 following the “hold high the love”, the second time this year appeared in Herman Yau’s movies. Potential criminals. The first day. More) and other fantasy comedy starring “huge deal” will be shown nationwide in November. For the film’s “couple partner,” Lan Cheng-lung, she said: “He is in the process to take care of me, very polite, so the whole filming process very smooth very happy, and he very handsome, which is attractive to me filming of reasons. Also, Andy Hui, Chapman, they are excellent actor, filming with them, so I feel that I was particularly good luck. “talked about the cooperation with you, she smiled and said,” understand each other like the process, much like some astringent but sweet love, is very valuable to me. “For the future, will further develop in China, Han Chae Young said, I hope” huge deal “for her to open China’s film market “Before I can only hold their own advertising works and some photographs with the Chinese audience, and this can have a work and the Chinese audience interaction, for me is a very precious memory will long to stay In my mind, my biggest hope is that this ‘movie deal’ success. ”